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Rainy season poachers Camp
Drying rack

99% of all poached meat is smoke cured to preserve it before it is taken back to the villages to be sold. This is done on a smoking/drying rack

Poachers camp

A typical rainy season poachers camp.

poachers camp

A typical rainy season poachers camp, the frame supports a plastic tarpaulin.

Meat drying rack
Burning a poachers camp
Poachers camp
Burning camps

Camps are burnt when they are found, this lets poachers know their hideout was found.

March foot patrol

Foot patrols during the off season


A team scans the horizon for any signs of a poachers camp fire

Rain hinders ground transport

Getting stuck is a big problem during the off season while it is raining

honey hives
honey hives
Honey hived ready to be burnt
Honey Hive

Traditional techniques involve making a hive out of tree bark, bark is removed from a living tree, killing. The situation has become so dire that it has pushed some indigenous tree species to the brink of local extinction.

Illegal honey
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