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Conservation and Community

A large amount Tanzania’s wildlife conservation efforts depend on hunting for their long-term survival. Tourist hunting provides revenue to the Wildlife Division for conservation and anti poaching in areas that would otherwise be unprotected due to their remoteness. (Most hunting areas are unsuitable to photo-tourism).



It is a prerequisite for membership that members contribute to the enhancement of all their areas, evidence of anti poaching activities and contributions, proof of block fee payments and contributions to local villages are to be submitted with every application. This demonstrates TAHOA’s commitment to supporting the Government of Tanzania in its endeavours to protect the fauna and flora of this country for future generations. We verify that our members support and assist the Wildlife Division in anti-poaching operations throughout the year by providing and funding, transport, fuel and manpower for regular anti-poaching exercises.


Community development is an important part of our program. Our members provide funds that are used to support the village communities surrounding the wildlife areas that are allocated to them through projects of their choice, such as the building of schools, medical facilities and water wells. Communities also receive tangible benefits from hunting revenue that directly supports the Ministry of Natural Resources and Tourism to manage wildlife and it’s habitat. Managed wildlife utilization through hunting gives value to the wildlife and the land they inhabit. This value transforms into habitat preservation and acts as a deterrent against poaching. 

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